Kurz zwischendurch…

Do you believe in magic?

We live in world of curiosities and this story tells you one of this. But let me present me. I´m a private detective and my name is Chaos. Every human has three names. The one which was given to you, the one which gave you yourself (in my part Chaos) and your true name. But nobody knows his true name, because if you discover it you have to see in your soul and nobody can survive this. So I thought until I have met Trixie…

It began as a usual day. I walked along the Times Square. Not just for fun – I mean, I love the Times Square, but – no. I followed a person called William Hardman. He caved in five of the most famous and expensive jewellers in New York. And he did this with magic – yeah, he is a alchemist (like me by the way). There are two groups of magicians: witches/warlocks and alchemists. I´m an alchemist that means my magic powers are potions and symbols. But back to Mr. Hardman. He is famous for his red shoes with yellow shoelaces. And I didn´t need long to discover him. He bought some ice cream as I shouted: “Hello Mister Hardman, I think we have to talk about some things.” He looked at me and began to run. “Hey, stop!” I cried and began to run too. He ran across the Times Square and I sprinted afterwards. He reached into his pocket and took out a potion. After he had opened it the air became foggy and I lost him. “Shit!” But he wasn´t the only one with magic. I touched a symbol on my arm and the air became clear. Then I touched a symbol on my other arm and I was faster than a flash. After 3 seconds I was near him and injected him some magic handcuffs. “Chaos 1 – Hardman 0” I said happy. I called my lawyer and friend Gordon and he send me two magicians (they teleported themselves) which took William Hardman into the magic prison.  But before they did this I took his ice cream. Then I turn around and went home happily.

“Super case.” welcomed me Gordon. Gordon is a warlock but he works as my lawyer and researcher. “Yes, it was funny. Have we a new case?”     “Yes,” Gordon answered “a murder.” “Oh…where?” “Fifth Avenue – a rich writer. Thomas Lowe.” “I read some books from him. They are good and I think he know that there is magic….” I said. “Really? But he isn´t a magician, or?” “No, he is a human but I believe he is a friend from Vincent.” (Vincent is the president of the magic society. Gordon and I work usually for him.) “Oh yeah. Right! Vincent said, if we find Thomas’ murder you get the double pay. By the way he has just one relative – his niece Trixie Lowe” “Then let’s not waste time. I teleport myself into Thomas house and you research over Thomas and possible enemies.” “Okay. Good luck Chaos!” Gordon said and walked away.

I teleported myself to Thomas’ house. I rang the bell and a butler opened the door.  “Hi, I´m a private detective” I showed him my card. “Please follow me” the butler said. He guided me in the living room where Thomas ‘ corpse was lying on the floor. Trixie Lowe sat on the couch. She wept a bit. The butler went to her and sat next to her. He gave her a handkerchief and she blew her nose.  “Hello, Trixie. My name is Chaos and I promise you: I will find the murder of your uncle.” I imagined me. “Thanks Mister” Trixie said and looked in my eyes. Suddenly I felt unsettled. Embarrassed I looked at her. Then I turned away, went to the corpse and inspected the crime scene. I didn´t find something. The offender was an expert. But I saw how Thomas died: He was frozen to death. It was a freeze magic!  

“Is something missing?” I asked. “I don´t know but Thomas had a secret cupboard in his room. It is raised and the murder has churned all.” The butler answered. “Okay, can I see this room?”  “No…” the butler started. “It´s okay” Trixie intervened. “How you wish Miss Trixie. Detective, please follow me.” The butler went to the stairs and Trixie and I followed him. He guided us in Thomas’ private rooms and showed us the raised cupboard. “Thank, Robert. You can go.” Trixie said to the butler – he went back to the living room. Before I can say or do something Trixie said: “I know that you are an alchemist and I know too there is magic!”

“Okay….Thomas had told you about this?” “No, I read his books and just asked him and he said that it is the true” “Do you have a suspicion who would kill your uncle?”  “No, but I know what´s missing.”  “And what is it?” “I will only tell it to you, if you let me help you!” “You are just a little girl!” “But I know what is missing.” “I can find it out.” “Yes, but then you lose time.” I reflected a few seconds. “Okay.” I agreed.  “Great, it misses a piece of paper – a formula.” “That´s all you know?”  “No, my uncle wanted to publish this formula in his new book. It is a formula to find out the true name of a person.” “That´s really bad. And I know just one person who would do everything to get this formula!” “Who?”  Trixie asked. “I tell you this later, come on. We have to solve a murder” She smiled. “Okay, boss. Let`s go!”

I teleported us back to my bureau. Trixie vomited. “Next time it will be better.” I said. “Hopefully!” Trixie replied. We went to Gordon’s room and I introduced them to each other. “Hello, nice to meet you.” said Gordon. “Nice to meet you to, Gordon.” replied Trixie. “Did you find out something?” I asked. “Not much. Thomas hasn´t had enemies. And you? “answered Gordon.  I told him what we had found out. “You think it´s Isaac al Ghul.” determined Gordon. “Yes!” I said.  “Who is Isaac al Ghul?” asked Trixie. “Isaac al Ghul is a warlock and the evilest person I know. He is a murder and a thief. His only wish is to know how he can find out the true name of every person to control them. Ten years ago I caught him and he went to prison. But one month ago he was released” I explained. “Oh.” said Trixie. “Yes…. Gordon, did you know where Isaac is?” Gordon negated. “What we`re doing now?” asked Trixie.  “I have an idea – Isaac has the formula and he needs room and a hide-out. Where would he     go?” I pronounced my thoughts. “You think he is at his old hide-out?” asked Gordon.

“Maybe.” “Okay, if this is right how will you defeat him? Last time you had six witches and three alchemists on your site.” objected Gordon. “I could phone Vincent.” “That would take too long.” “Have you a better idea?” I asked a bit angry. Trixie had been listening to us all the time but now her glance was changing. “Bri….bris…..bri…” stuttered she. “Trixie! What´s happening?” Suddenly I had a strange feeling…. “bri…bri…BRISINGR!!” cried Trixie. I freezed. I couldn´t move. Gordon looked confused between Trixie and me. „Chaos? Trixie?“ he asked.

Trixie’s eyes were opened widely. Then her eyes cleared– I could remove. “What was THAT?” I asked. Trixie shook her head in confusion. “I don´t know. I looked at you and then…I don´t know.” She shrugged her shoulders. “Gordon, have you any idea?” I turned to Gordon. “The only possibility is that Trixie had seen in your soul and guessed your true name.” “That´s impossible!” “No.” disagreed Gordon “maybe Thomas didn’t mean a „thing” in the formula maybe he meant a person -Trixie.” “What does that mean?” Trixie asked a bit scary. “That means we have a chance!” answered I and smiled.

I teleported Trixie and me to Isaacs old hide-out. It was an old storehouse in Brooklyn. As we arrived it was dark and very quiet. “Stay behind me.” I directed Trixie. “Okay.” We went into the storehouse. Inside it was very dark. I opened a potion and a flame came out and lighted us the way. Suddenly it made “click” and I stood in a cage. “Chaos!” cried Trixie. “Run Trixie! Run! This is a trap!” I cried back.                                                                                                                            “Not so fast.” Isaac al Ghul brandished his magic wand and Trixie freezed. “Noooo!” I shouted, „It´s over and I won! “said Isaac and laughed.

To be continue 

By Michelle D. (Autorin ist der Redaktion bekannt)

Illustrationen: pixabay.com